Society of Derbyshire Golf Captains

Sir Richard FitzHerbert Bart
J. S. (Spen) Stanway
(Ormonde Fields)

Vice Presidents

F. G. (Fred) Pitt

G. (George) Hardy

J. A. (Alan) Marchington
J. B. (John) Flanders
C.W. (Colin) Annison
(Marriott Breadsall Priory)

Executive Officers

Captain 2016/17
C.R. (Chris) Kelk

Vice-Captain 2016/17
T.H. (Tom) Hitchcock
Hon. Secretary
P. R. (Peter) Arnold
Hon. Treasurer
RM (Martin) Eyre

Executive Committee
Assistant Secretary
P. (Peter) Mundin
(Breadsall Priory)
A. J. (Arthur) Burns
E. R. (Eric) Grattage

G. (Graham) Naylor

P. (Peter) McGrath
(Erewash Valley)
J. H. (John) Salt
(Horsley Lodge)
P. R. (Peter) Brabbing (Chesterfield)

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